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Who Really Rules The World? A Spiritual Explaination of Ego

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A Practical Way To Bypass Ego.
By Charles Munn, copyright, 1992

It seems in order to use thought effectively we must understand that thought is a tool of brain as software is a tool of the computer/user. The basic premise for all thought is based on various culture's systems of beliefs. Thought creates each culture's virtual reality. What is believed to be true in one culture is often believed to be false in another. Thought works just fine when we understand our thoughts must always remain open to change. Humakind's mistake is in equating thoughts with rigid beliefs. One of the many failures of rigid beliefs is they cause cultural clashes which often culminates in mindless wars.

Although thought is a wonderful piece of software we must always be aware of it's glitches as well as it's total lack of intelligence. Thoughtwares major glitch is in humankind's tendancy to latch onto unyeilding dogma. We have somehow forgotten that thought is merely a construct invented by brain in order to create and to some degree control our reality.

As a tool cannot be totally effective without a user, thought cannot be totally efective without our deeper intelligence. Without a connection to our innate wisdom, thought becomes confused. Thought then becomes a closed loop which we rigidly identify with. Those closed loops become the beliefs that make up our egos. Closed loops feed upon anger, hate and greed which blocks the path to our true selves, to our innate wisdom. The following contains the steps needed in order to correct that major glitch, a patch, if you will.

Rediscover your unbelievable inner power and

Turn Your Desires Into Reality.

Nothing exists except atoms and empty space
--- everything else is opinion.
Democritus, 400BC

So okay, there now seems to be even smaller particles rattling around in the largely empty space of atoms. Yet modern physics essentially agrees with Democritus. That is, the measurable matter of which we and the universe are made of is nearly zero and is some sort of illusion, so what's new? Our world seems solid to us. And so what if physics says this very moment contains the still occurring past present and future? Why is that magical information useful to our practical, everyday lives? And why should we care if our material lives are always forming and unforming based on our opinions?

Even if we do live in separate realities aren't all of us still trapped in this, perhaps, illusion of linear time?

Well, just focus on the very good possibility that our lives take form which is based solely on our thoughts. Think of the potential power we have to take control of our disorderly, faulty system of thought and ACTUALLY TAKE CHARGE OF CREATING our our own future.

The key is to find and nurture within ourselves a burning desire to develop a sharp edged personal honesty and start living and projecting reality from our deeper intelligence, rather than merely fearfully defending accumulated false beliefs which we mistakenly believe is our self.

Modern physics seems to have demonstrated that the observer is always a part of the experiment.
That is, our thoughts always effect the outcome of any experiment. It now seems to be readily apparent that the action of any part of the universe, human or otherwise, always has some effect on the entire universe. Therefore when we dauble in the unseen or invisible universe it is always done through our thoughts and the actions produced by those thoughts.

Thoughts very definitely form our reality. Just look around you, nearly every material thing has been created by someones thoughts. Those things now form your reality. Yet as thoughts are nothing more than an unintelligent tool of brain, ego is but an unintelligent creation of thoughts. That is, ego is nothing more than a mass of unexamined thoughts which we mistakenly believe to be ourselves.

Therefore ego is not who we are. Ego is our false self.
Ego is inherently dishonest. When we react from anger we must realized anger is fueled by an untamed fear which is always awakened by ego.

When we choose to actually become personally honest we bypass ego and the anger we use to defend it.

Many of us now understand that we are only ever really conscious when we do not dwell on the past and our thoughts are sharply in the present.

We now know we become increasingly more powerful as we cheerfully disconnect from the insanity of a system of thought which is weighted down by the anger, fear and guilt of past anti-thoughts which we wrongly identify as being ourselves. As Freud did, we too think of and give power to that false self that we mistakenly believe is us and we call it our Ego.

Tap into your unlimited power and wisdom.

Transform your life into whatever you want, from wealth to a serene understanding that each of us are facets of a universe which is fueled by intuitive freewill.

Like pieces of a broken hologram, each of us contains the entire universe.

Of course we all know that in our physical aspect we are seemingly ensnared within this illusion of linear time. And as a material facet of this vast, randomly violent universe it seems we can only be conscious in this moment.
You also know how important it is to understand since we each remember the past so differently, past memories are extremely unreliable.

Ego whips those unreliable memories into a batter of dogma, guilt and fear. The whole mess is then added to Ego's Mindless beliefs and gums up the doorway to your inner wisdom.

It is awfully self distructive to use previous guilt and regret to define who you are. Guilt, fear and regret are the core of a system of thought that fearfully anchors us in the fog bound, stagnant trance of life. Surely you sense the truth of this in your gut and maybe it's all coming back to you.

Maybe you once knew and then forgot that we are all here for the same reason. But now you are beginning to once again remember the meaning of our physical existence.

Maybe you realize your only material purpose is to passionately create in yourself a delightful person who passionately sees the world for what it is and still passionately lives a delighted life.

Some of the ways may be flooding back to you.

To regain the natural joy of your inner power and wisdom not only must you consider the past as an unreliable gauge and the future an enchanting dream, you absolutely must understand that the future is also an inescapable extension of this very moment.

Your job is to cheerfully turn your moment's purpose into your own unique reality.

As you learn to break free from the trance of life, your moment, that is, your bubble of awareness, will expand and actually encompass a small portion of the past and of the future. In that enhanced state of conciousness you will become aware of a non-linear, nebulous sense of time. Such an amplified sensitivity gives you the ability to intuit future events as well as effecting those events. Intuitive free will is enhanced and extends your wishes into the future and somehow reflects back into your moment.

As you project your moment's desires into the future you effectively mold your future to suit your expectations.

When you have caused all of those events to occur you are then beginning to re-claim your vast intuitive free will. You are beginningto discard Ego and beginning to fully merge your physical brain with your inner core self, that is, with your wisdom and Becoming The Thinker. You are then returning to your
Paradise Now.

In 1991, I discovered the heart of an ancient and profound paradigm which seems to be only now slowly coming together. Once I grasped the deeper intelligence the notions seemed very simple. I was astonished that such a wonderful sense of serenity could be contained within this updated but explosive thoughtware. Not wanting to once again lose the understanding that it is the intuitive free will of thoughts (deeper intelligence?) and that alone which powers our universe, I wrote a series of essays, something like a memo to myself. I mentally attached red flags to anger, fear, and pride. When I become angry or fearful, or prideful, that is, if I lose my humility by thinking I am more enlightened than others, then I know I'm slipping back into life's dark and awful trance. Just knowing what is occurring helps keep me grounded until I come back and re-read this page or once again read my little book, Becoming The Thinker.

Finally understanding our connectivity to each other as well as the entire universe, and wanting to add momentum to the emerging paradigm I floated some of the essays on the net. Getting much positive feedback, I put it all together in the self help book, Becoming The Thinker. Buy Becoming The Thinker at
Barnes and Noble.com

In order to reach even more people I wrote a novel. Readers say that it's entertaining and lusty, yet innovative in it's approach. The title is Paradise Now and it's available at Barnes And Noble.com and many other bookstores

Maybe, like me, you've often realized your own enormous inner power only to forget how or why you found it. Since we are all so strongly connected couldn't this page merely be one of your own forgotten memos?

Something like those little notes you'd forget if you didn't stick it on the fridge?

Yet even though most of us periodically find our inner, serene power, we are habitually pulled back into the living hell of the trance of life. We then become surrounded by the noise of fear and doubt. Forgeting how to shake loose from the maze of false anti-thoughts, we sometimes dwell in that awful smelly fog for years.

I know from past experience that from time to time we all need to be reminded of these dynamic transforming notions. For without the light of such bold, ego free, joyful thoughts we are unable to find the path to our inner wisdom. So please, in this moment, bookmark this page. When you fall into doubt, come back to this place and ---

Once again, Hear your Secret Voice.

Take a few moments and savor your insights. Explore the links to the free print and share. You won't regret it because this page and its links contains one of the mysterious paths to the so-called Illuminatti wolf pack.

Opening Your Inner Door

Now your ancient wisdom may be coming back to you and maybe this is all vaguely familiar. On some level you grasp that the next step to breaking free of the trance of life is to release or at least suspend Ego. You understand that it is up to each of us to make a conscious effort to not dwell on Ego's insane, imposed beliefs ( sacred cows ).

Now you sense that obsessively dwelling on a notion takes you out of the moment and robs you of your power to project your desires into the future. In that fatalistic state you can only project your negativity into the future, and your life becomes even darker.

Ego's sacred cows constipates your brain.
Your brain becomes so noisy you are unable to make the connection to your innate intelligence. The noise of Ego's fearful system of thoughts ( sacred cows ) blocks the door to your omnipotent Inner Mind and causes Mindless clutter and anger.

Realizing every thought in your head belongs to you and, unless you allow it, no one else can control your thoughts, is the only way to break free of the trance of life ( Ego ).

You may have heard about most of your beliefs from someone else, but until your I Amness decides to keep the thoughts and give them the power of your belief, either positive or negative, they remain only a powerless possibility. They will then flow through your brain and vanish back into nothingness, never becoming the burden of an obsessive sacred cow.

Break free of the trance of life and live in a fearless universe of wonderful possibilities.

As you learn to remain connected to Inner Mind you become even more powerful.

You learn to control more and more of those possibilities.

You actually begin to have a major effect on the world around you.

The insanity of sacred cows is left behind with the shattered illusions of old false memories. You are then very near to completely controling your own reality.

This little memo can show you how to keep your physical brain open to every possibility and to never lock into Ego's rigid Mind blocking obsessive beliefs. You'll learn to love and soothe your fear and it will sleep until you need it. Ego ( your false self ) can no longer feed on poor `ol fear. Without the fuel of fear, Ego will shrink and no longer make all of your decisions.

Your are then walking out of Plato's cave of strange shadows and toward the honest light.

Perhaps like Ego and its many muddy systems of thought, through the centuries pain and suffering have also been confused and elevated by romanticism. Yet you also intuit that pain only happens when you are physically hurt and suffering only happens to you when dwell on your own misfortune: "Oh why has this happened to me? What did I do to deserve such treatment? Am I a bad person?," etc: Pain is not suffering and suffering is not pain: Suffering happens when you dwell upon hurtful thoughts, (sacred cows )or physical pain.

Systems of Thought

Ego is simply another massive system of thought we've unthinkingly identified with.

Ego is our most powerful obsessive thought!

Ego often wallows in imagined past miseries. Ego's many irrational systems of thoughts cause us to madly suffer. Ego is a barracade who's construction began in our formative years. Unless we tear it down or find a way to step around it, Ego will continue to grow and will forever block the doorway to our inborn sanity.

Your natural sanity is your rightful ability to explore infinite opinions and to form infinite realities.

Ego's insanity is meaningless in the context of this moment, this now and the serene center of who you truly are. For all practical purposes this moment (now, as you are reading this) and who you are and who you intend to be, is all there is in this physical universe.

Even though you know these words are true, it's hard work to live only in the present tense. It's hard work to break the destructive habit of dwelling on negative thoughts. It's even harder to bypass or give up Ego. Maybe your naturally sane I Amness is still often blocked by the insane systems of thought that Freud called Ego and mis-labeled as Self. So please don't confuse Ego with your I Amness

Maybe your I Amness is not always certain that it is Ego's fearful defense of its sacred cows which causes us to seize upon certain thoughts and fall back into the hell I call the trance of life. Maybe you are still coming to grips with the notion that Ego itself is but a thought/opinion you have unconsciously given power too. If any or all of that is true and it's hard to not dwell on hurtful thoughts,(Ego/suffering) then dwell on a few of the many things you have to be grateful for. From your own past experience you know that visualizing your positive day dreams will quiet a noisy brain. Sometimes the only way to avoid Ego's insanity is to only think pleasant thoughts. Later as you recognize the serenity of the present, your I Amness will be in control of your own future.

You will clear negative obsessive thoughts and calmly live an uncluttered, powerful life.

When you take the focus away from Ego you enter your inborn serene sanity. You once again hear yourself think. You are no longer locked into your Me, Me, Me, oh poor Me, suffer, suffer Ego. You are now in tune with inner wisdom as it urges you to ignore Ego, (The E in E=DFsquared) turn away from Dogma (the D in the formula)and soothe your basic fears (F) which equals the dis-ease called Anger (A).

You will have then broken free of the trance of life and reconnected to your natural sanity.

Your inborn sanity contains the Iluminati!

This empowering system is based on a theme that has been forming for centuries.

When you awake in Paradise NOW there is no going back.

Break free of the trance of life

Everything, the entire universe, past present and future, is contained in this moment and it is powered by
your intuitive free will. Your inborn power is your freedom to form your own reality and negate the trance of life formed by Ego and fear.

Influence events, create serenity and even enjoy material wealth.
get this gear!

Like a shattered gem, bits and pieces of this once whole way of thought are reflected in our daily lives, from the articles in our magazines to the ambiance of the neighborhood coffee shop. But most of us are too focused on the details of life's sacred cows and fail to see the wonderful sanity of whole free thought.

You are about to rediscover your own immense inborn power.

These pages and the link to the breakthrough book, Becoming The Thinker at
Barnes And Noble.com
contains penetrations which will flood your very being with your own enormous natural power.

If you've read this far then you sense the truth of this ancient paradigm.

Increase your power by joining this important and growing evolutionary force.

Link your friends to, http://www.charlesmunn.com.

Ask everyone you know to read this page.

Post it on boards and in chat rooms.

get this gear!

--grin-- I will be even happier when you just can't live without completely reading both books. But this page and its free print and share can be extremely valuable to you. Please spare me a few more minutes.

Both books, Becoming The Thinker and Paradise Now are available at the three major online book stores. For instance, click on the link, Charles Munn under the book section of Amazon.com,

. To read excerpts from both books please click on the link, The Author's page,

Doorway to Ultimate Reality

Read Paradise Now and feel acute pleasure and experience intense, quality fiction which fuses the metaphysics of the inner Mind with modern physics. Weave through the shadow world of lust, incest and murder and feel compassion for our frailities. This new novel is exciting and entertaining as it lights the path to inborn wisdom and romantic love.

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Milton and six other damaged children, all girls, find mysticism through an evolving Tantra. Named after the thinker, John Milton, Palmer also learns to break the trance of life by shunning dogma and joyfully embracing an uncertain universe. His adventure plunges into war, flirts with greed and finally finds the path to the Illuminati and admits to such an outlandish thing as romantic love.With the exception of Nicole, Milton and friends take separate paths that, in the end, manage to converge into this moment of natural sanity.>

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